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Wholesale Indian Food Products

Asijah Europe

Supplier of the best quality Indian foods

We have a versatile range of premium quality Indian food products which we deliver to retailers in several European countries such as Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

We import our products directly from prominent producers in India.

We offer you the most varied articles such as rice, herbs, spices, and much more.

Asijah Europe is the main importer of the brands Aachi Masala and Chakra from India. The total assortment includes more than 600 articles.

Purchase happens at home and abroad in a professional manner. A large and specialized procurement team guarantees stock, quality, exclusivity and, above all, increasingly a competitive price of the products.

Also, the team is constantly looking for innovations, firsts and scale. The assortment is updated monthly.


Authentic Indian Spices ( Whole & Ground )
Tasty Packaged Indian Snacks
Best Quality Grocery Items
 Typical South Indian Food
Pickles, Chutney , Mutton Rassa Chutney, and other spices

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Asijah Europe

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Asijah Europe

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